April 28, 2016

Create texture with your own design stamps and this new hammer!

Check out the new Texture Stamper Hammer from ImpressArt! This hammer allows you to use your own design stampto create texture on your metal blanks!

The head of this hammer is outfitted with a cavity that will accommodate square or round stamp shanks ranging from 1/4" to 3/8", which means you can use most designs that measure up to 9mm. 
The size of the cavity is controlled by twisting the knob at the base of the handle.

You can see the hammer in action in
this videoThe hammer comes with the ImpressArt Sprinkle Pattern Design Stamp.

We recommend pulling out some
scrap metal or copper sheet and start testing out your design stamps. It's hard to tell which ones will translate well as a texture, so your best bet is to start hammering away! You can see our results playing around with five different design stamps:

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