February 11, 2016

Have you seen the new Fretz stamping hammer?

Introducing a new stamping hammer from Fretz. This changes everything! Like all Fretz hammersthis beautiful tool features a rosewood handle that feels so good in your hand. We first introduced this hammer in December and it sold out within two days. We are delighted to have it back in stock now! 

This hammer is different than other stamping hammers you might be used to. You might have noticed that the head is made of tool-hardened steel, not brass. It won't flake the way the soft brass does.

The biggest difference is in the way you handle and work with this hammer. Rather than gripping the handle from the top like you would a normal hammer, rotate your wrist so that the comfortable wooden handle rests where your fingers meet the palm of your hand. Position the hammer over the stamp and let the 2-pound head drop onto the stamp. This is different than working with a brass mallet, where you actively swing the hammer onto the stamp. We've put together a handy video to show you what we mean. 

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