January 21, 2016

More stamps rated for stamping on stainless steel!

Beaducation now has 14 different design stamps that are rated for stamping on stainless steel.  Actually, make that 64 stamps, since you can order a stamp of every US state. WOW! 

Made in the USA, each stamp is precision engraved and made on a round, non-slip, perforated steel shank. For $24-29, you will get a stamp that will never dull, stamps on any metal, and will last a lifetime!
If you're new to stamping on stainless steel, take a few minutes to watch our free product video that will show you some tips and tricks for successful projects.
  • You can't tell how well the piece will take to stamping until you dive in. In our experience, blades of knives (even butter and cheese knives) are often way too hard to stamp. You should be ok on most handles of utensils and bowls of spoons.
  • If you try to stamp with stamps that aren't manufactured (hardened) specifically for hard metals, you will completely ruin (flatten) your stamp. Stamps should say in the title or description that they are approved to stamp on stainless. 
  • You will have the most success stamping on things with a nice flat surface. Tape that surface down and brace any long handles into place. If the piece isn't resting flat against the bench block, it will bounce and result in a shadowed impression.
  • If stamping on a something that will be used with food or drink, don't use ink or oxidizing products to add black to the impressions; you don't want to ingest that. It's harder to read the words without that blackness but it still looks great!
Customers have been over the moon for stainless stamps, so stay tuned as we will continue to expand our selection!

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