December 3, 2015

Multi-use Gift Tags!

Why buy those boring paper gift tags when you can make and personalize your own? Rather than settling for just a tag that will be thrown away, create something that you can get a few uses out of. Confused? We'll show you what we mean!

This piece below was made on a 1.25" aluminum circle. Is it a gift tag or an ornament? IT'S BOTH!
Here's another great idea -- double a gift tag as a pendant. The gift recipient can take that pendant and wear it as a necklace or use it as a keychain. In the sample below, the "M" is the receiver and the smaller tag is who the gift is from. 

In the spirit up up-cycling, have fun with your gift tags this year! Look at all the sizes and shapes you have to choose from! 

For other holiday stamping ideas, visit our DIY Designs page.


Renee M said...

So cute and fun--I really like the fonts too!

JewelsbyLP said...

Great Idea!

Bobbi Benton Stewart said...

These are the best and a little perk with every present.