December 10, 2015

Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa! {Show your state pride!}

Every state has something to brag about. As a homegrown Iowan (transplanted to California), I still chuckle at the "Is this heaven?" line from the movie Field of Dreams. Are you proud of your home state? If so, we now have a new way for you to show it -- state design stamps!

We have carried our state blanks for a couple of years now and, based on their popularity, we know the state-love trend isn't going anywhere. Now we are offering state design stamps for even more versatility!

These stamps are made-to-order and arrive in 10 business days. They are available in 3 sizes -- 8mm, 11mm, 14mm -- and are rated to stamp on stainless steel.

Made-to-order means we are not keeping these items stocked in our warehouse. To order, email us with which state(s) and size(s) you would like. 

While we're on the topic of special orders, did you know you can order large quantities of any blank we sell? Not only will you receive the number you need without having to wait for us to stock them in our warehouse, all bulk orders of 50+  items are eligible for a 20-30% discount! If you need fewer than 50 and we don't have the quantity in stock, the regular bulk discounts still apply. 

To inquire about special orders, email Mel with your questions/request. Most items take 7-10 days to arrive. Looking to place a special order for the holidays? Get your orders in by Friday December 11 (that's tomorrow!). Orders placed after that will arrive in early January. 

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