October 29, 2015

What's All the Fuss About? Highly Reviewed Classes!

Since we added the Reviews feature to our site, our customers have been speaking up -- and boy do they love our FREE CLASSES! Here is a sampling of some of our highest reviewed online classes.

In Polishing with Power Tools, instructor Joe Silvera takes the mystery out of polishing bits and customers love it! This class has eight reviews, and all of them are 5 stars!

Colin Mahler's newest class, Square Wire Bezel Pendants, has only been available for one week and it already has NINE gleaming reviews. Have you checked it out yet?

Kate Richbourg's newly launched class, Drilling Stones and Found Objects, quickly became a fan favorite!

Folks are still enjoying my Spiro Pendant class. It's a technique that is quick to learn and fun to play around with once you have it down. These pendants make beautiful gifts!

Mandala Stamping is a great addition to your personalized jewelry designs. Taryn McCabe is so inspiring!

We love hearing from you, and your reviews help other customers and students decide where to spend their time and money. If you have feedback about any of our products or classes, we invite you to share your thoughts in a review!

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