October 22, 2015

Stamp For A Cause!

Fundraising is an important part of supporting charities and causes, big and small. Hand stamped jewelry is a great way to participate and contribute to those causes that are near to our hearts. Colors, shapes, symbols, names, and dates -- these can all be used to create a design that conveys its special significance.   We have a wide variety of blanks and charms that can be personalized to broadcast the message you are sending. Below is just a small selection of everything we offer!

Some examples of how you can help your favorite cause:  
  • Contribute to a fundraising auction or raffle. The winner can have a piece stamped with whatever they like.  Lisa often uses the Stamped Cuff Bracelet for this giving opportunity:
  • Create many pieces of one design that is symbolic of the cause. These pieces are then gifted to supporters as a thank you for their contribution. Don’t think you have to do this alone -- have a stamping party and put your like-minded friends to work!
Many of same design theme.jpg
  • Create and sell a design that reflects your theme, maybe offering a personalized element, and the profits go back to the cause. This would be fantastic fundraising project for a school Booster Club! Add a student’s name, activity, or jersey number to personalize. Get a “Stamping Team” together to support your school.

It feels good to stamp for a cause. We hope you’ve been inspired!  
If you love stamping and want to enlist the help of people who haven’t stamped before, we can help! Let them know how easy it is by introducing them to our 5-Minute Stamping Tutorial. Once they're hooked, have them dive into the more detailed Stamping on Metal class. Want to get kids involved? We have a class for them, too! All of our online classes are free, and no registration is required. Simply click, play, and learn!

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