October 13, 2015

Fall Stamping Sale ~ STOCK UP!

When we filmed our first stamping class, we proudly announced that we had over 22 design stamps! Boy were we excited! Since then, we have updated and reshot that original class and stepped it up big time. We now have over 300 Design Stamps, and guess what my friends...


And it gets even better! All of our Letter/Number Sets are on sale as well, and so are select stamping tools.

Now is a great time to look ahead to the holiday season and stock up on those stamps or tools that you have had your eye on!

Looking for some new inspiration for your stash of design stamps? Check out our DIY Design section! Here you will find loads of ideas for holiday designs, gifts for men and other stamped jewelry designs. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

What a great way to use a large variety of your stamps!

Mix it up with different design stamps and different fonts!

Start looking at your stamps in a whole new way for collaging or patterning!

If you've got the basics of stamping down, be sure to check out our growing curriculum of free classes. We are teaching techniques that go beyond the basics and really explore everything you can do with stamping: 

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