September 25, 2015

Swarovski Rivoli + New Sterling Bezel = Pretty Pendant

Introducing sterling silver bezels that are designed to frame a Swarovski 14mm rivoli perfectly! Simply use your flat nose pliers to bend the metal prongs that hold the crystal in and you've got a pretty pendant in just minutes!

We are offering these bezels in two different designs, a floral pattern and one we're calling "royal." Doesn't the royal one look just like a crown?

If you want a less blingy pendant, these bezels will also work to hold our Small 8-Petal Flower blanks. We carry these blanks in 7 metals. These are 14mm and fit perfectly into the bezel. The 18g aluminum flower works well on its own, or you can stack two 24g blanks to fill the bezel's depth. Use a brass blank under a sterling one to save money! You may need to bend the prongs slightly back with flat nose pliers before inserting the flower.  

If you want to see these bezels in action, check out our new free product video! Watch Lisa demonstrate how to work the crystals and blanks into these bezels and bend the prongs into place.

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