April 30, 2015

Polishing with Power Tools

What is your go-to method for finishing your metalwork? If you hand-polish each piece, have you ever found yourself thinking, "There must be an easier way!" If so, you are correct! The answer is polishing with power tools!

There is a free online class at Beaducation.com that will teach you the technique. In just 30 minutes, instructor Joe Silvera will show you the difference between the two most popular power tools, the different polishing bits, and takes you through a few sample projects. 

The information learned in this class will help make finishing your work fun and easy! The class is also available on the Beaducation YouTube channel:

Have you watched this class? Tell us what you think! We now offer reviews for all of our products, classes, and design ideas. Reviews are a great way for you to provide feedback that can benefit other jewelry makers as well. We value your input!


Unknown said...

I've seen technical skill workers use similar tools to polish jewelry and fine China. If that technology can be adapted to a common power drill, that is awesome. My wife wouldn't have to spend so much on taking our silverware to get it buffed and shined up.

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