February 26, 2015

** TEASER ALERT ** This is not a real post!

** UPDATED! ** Sharon is our winner! She counted 9 uses of the word "post" and won! Sharon, please email us with your mailing address and we'll get your sweet surprise in the ... post. (ha!)

This isn't a real blog post. This is a post to let you know that the real post will be posted on Monday March 2.

That post is one you don't want to miss. So mark your calendars. Mark them also for March 9, March 16, March 23, and March 30. There will be good posts on those days as well.

I will leave you now with this:

This is a real post. A fence post.

Have a great weekend! :)

P.S. The first person who leaves a comment with the correct number of times I use the word "post" in this fake blog post, I'll put a sweet surprise in the mail for you. We use the US Postal Service, so it's sure to get to you quickly!


Sharon said...

I count 9. :) But there were "posts" and "postings" found within that I did not count - as they aren't "post".
Thanks for the chance- looking forward to the real (fence) post!

Hudson Farm said...

I counted 12

Anonymous said...

Sharon, you won! Please email us at fun@beaducation.com with your mailing address. We'll get your sweet surprise in the mail! :)

Blake, Carrie and Taylor said...

Waiting for the new "post"!!