February 12, 2015

Common Mistakes (and how to avoid them)!

We recently put these questions out to our Facebook and Instagram followers:
What mistakes have you made in your jewelry making?
Got any advice to avoid these mistakes in the future?
Check out our mistake below. You can see that we did not plan our letter spacing appropriately and we ran out of room in stamping the word STRENGTH on this pewter blank

We could have avoided this mistake by tracing the blank on a piece of paper or sheet metal to make sure this word would fit. 

We were happy to learn we are not the only ones who are making mistakes! Here are some of the responses we got from our followers.

Here are the common mistakes people shared:

I sometimes forget to check the orientation of my stamps so my letters end up sideways or upside down.

One mistake I recently made on a gold bar: I measured so the letters would fit on the blank, but I forgot I needed room to punch holes. Oops!

Trying to fix a "too light" stamp and making it worse.

Stamped upside-down, or sideways, and just plain out of order!

I use a lot of rivets in my jewelry, and cutting the rivet to just the right length has been a process!

Not hammering hard enough OR too hard.

Spelled something wrong because I wasn't paying attention.

And some handy tips to avoid them!

Use an art line pen the same thickness as the stamp, draw onto the blank, stamp over, wipe off pen marks. This works better with slightly larger stamps. 

I trace on paper and stamp on the paper before stamping on metal.

Measure twice, cut once.

We can all learn from each other, so feel free to share your mistakes and/or tips!

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