December 11, 2014

Fun Projects for Kids!

Your kids are home from school for the holidays and you don't want them looking at a screen all day. You also don't want them driving you crazy by insisting they are SOOOO BORED. Why not introduce them to jewelry making? There are so many projects that are easy and fun for school-age kids, and these handmade projects make great gifts! You probably already have many of the tools and supplies on-hand.

Beaducation's roots run deep in stamping, and it's no wonder that Lisa's daughter took to the technique so readily. Young Lucy Kelly loved stamping so much that she asked her mom if she could teach a class that was "less boring" than Lisa's own Stamping On Metal class. It's a class for kids, by a kid! Have your little ones watch Stamping on Metal for Kids while you get the tools and materials set up. Then let them practice on some copper before getting to work on a handmade pendant or ornament. They'll be hooked on stamping in no time! Have fun with our original blank shapes like mustaches and mason jars, or pairs that are perfect for best friends like broken hearts and puzzle pieces!

If your daughters have developed an affinity for things that sparkle, this woven bracelet is the perfect project for them. All you need is some crystal cup chain and cord, plus a clasp to keep it secure on your wrist. We particularly like the colored hemp cord we carry! Check out the how-to in this blog post, including a video that will teach you the weaving technique.

If your child has mastered writing and drawing, he or she will love engraving! A hand-drawn picture is the perfect way to personalize a gift, and it doesn't have to be jewelry. Check out this post, where Lisa shows how she engraved a fancy patterned monogram on a glass mason jar. If you've got kids who are prone to fighting over things like their stainless steel water bottles, you might encourage them to engrave their name or a special picture on them. Of course, engraving on our new 2" circle blanks or large tree and heart blanks is a great idea as well!

We hope our crafting ideas help you enjoy the holiday season by inviting your children to join you in the studio. If your children do end up making any projects, please share them with us in the comments or by emailing us

Happy crafting!

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