November 20, 2014

Make It a Handmade Holiday!

'Tis the season my friends. Time to shower your friends, family, teachers, coworkers, dog walker and babysitter with handmade gifts! For simple, quick and satisfying gift ideas we've got you covered. Lisa has put together a list of quick and easy yet impressive projects for you. So get your pencil out and let's start checking off some boxes on your gift list!

Briolette Earrings! 
Your sister-in-law is classy, loves color, and has been begging you to make her jewelry for years. This gal needs Briolette Earrings in her favorite color! Two pair of chain or flat nose pliers are the only tools you need to assemble these. Make them as long or as short as you like, simply by adding more jump rings and crystals. She is going to love these!

Spiro Pendants!
Let's face it, teachers are the hardest working people on the planet. They deserve to be blown away. This show-stopper Spiro Pendant is easy to wear and easy to make. These can take as little as 10 minutes to construct...but shhhhh, no one needs to know that. Be prepared for screams and hugs when the teacher in your life opens this gift. Is your teacher a dude who doesn't wear pendants? How about a personalized money clip? Equally as awesome!

Wine Charms!
You gave them personalized stamped jewelry last year and they couldn't stop talking about it. Winning! This year, take your Secret Santa gift giving one step further with some stamped wine charms. 'Fess up, you don't really talk about the book, you just sit around and drink wine! Well, you might as well make it easier to keep track of your glass. Our nickel 1/2" circle blanks are just $0.45 each. If you make a set of 8 wine charms, you're looking at the low cost of $3.60 for materials plus the cost of a pretty ribbon to tie them on (but you already have tons of ribbon hangin' around). It will take you less time to make these than it would for you to drive to Nordstrom to get a boring old scarf. Boom, you win "best gift" two years in a row! Every club has a rule-follower who actually reads the book. Impress her (ha!) by stamping her favorite passage on a bookmark!

Stamped Jewelry

Boy, aren't you glad you have mad stamping skills! You can easily create a meaningful gift for everyone on your list. Personalize each piece with a font that shows their personality and a design stamp that highlights their hobby. Pick from a variety of metals, choosing one to match their personal style. The options are truly endless!

I hope this helps you get started on the holiday shopping rush. Stay home, avoid the crowds and wow them with handmade goodness! Check out our DIY Design section or our free online classes for even more inspiration. 

Happy Making!

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