October 2, 2014

{NEW PRODUCTS} Our Product Manager Picks Her Faves

Beaducation adds so many new products each month that I often wonder if folks are able to see them all! As Product Manager, I'm lucky that each one crosses my desk and I get to experiment before they are available for you to purchase. I love my job!

It's not fair to play favorites, but I'm going to call out a few new products that really stand out. One is the spin off (ha!) from our classic Four Sided Swivel Pendant -- introducing the Double Swivel Four Sided Pendant. Folks have always adored our classic swivel, but with so many people now wearing their rectangles horizontally, it makes for an awesome twist that is very current.


The pendant swivels 360 degrees, is made of solid sterling silver, and is easiest to stamp by hanging both of the swivels off the corner edges of your bench block so you don't alter the shape of your swivels.

Best of all, this pendant is incredibly comfortable to wear and is versatile enough that you can wear it with a cocktail dress or just a T-shirt and jeans. Because it is a Beaducation Original, you won't see it anywhere else. One more reason that this makes a perfect gift for the holidays for those friends who already love their vertical swivel.

Another favorite new blank (also a Beaducation Original) is our Leaf Blank that comes in Sterling, Silver Filled, Gold Filled, Brass, Copper and Nickel Silver. A leaf shape never really goes out of style and we were not able to find a classic leaf for years, so we decided to make our own. We are so pleased with how it turned out!

It is the perfect size at 13mm x 25mm. It's small enough to create earrings or make a statement necklace by riveting several leaves of different metals together, as Lisa Niven Kelly did in our Spring Leaves Design Idea (shown at left). We have seen designers stamp it both horizontally and vertically and both ways look smashing!

The most exciting sparkling addition to our Beaducation inventory has to be our Foiled Rivolis. We added in Crystal Rose Gold Foiled and Iridescent Green Foiled Rivolis to our Swarovski crystal collection. The shine is so sleek and modern that wearing a pair of these earrings or a Spiro Necklace will have people mistaking you as a glistening creature of beauty from the future.   

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