October 23, 2014

Introducing Beaducation on Etsy!

Chances are, if you are a crafter, you have your own Etsy page and/or you support others' Etsy shops. Our business is based on helping DIYers learn and create beautiful jewelry and we love how Etsy has enabled so many budding entrepreneurs to bring their goods to the masses. As founder of Beaducation, this aspect of the business brings me the greatest pride.

In the spirit of small businesses helping other small businesses, Beaducation now has an Etsy page as well! It's simply called Beaducation and we think of it like a little sister. Sisterhood is actually what started this shop. Years ago, my older sister Nancy started her own business of selling stamping supplies on Etsy. She primarily sold Beaducation Original products and named her shop "Stamping Sisters." She recently switched gears and invested in a new business -- a Kona Ice truck (how fun is that?!). Stamping Sisters was a successful shop and we didn't want it to just disappear (and neither did her customers) so we decided to take it over and change the name to Beaducation so that customers would know how to find us.

Because so many of our customers have successful Etsy pages selling their stamped jewelry, we consider Etsy a key contributor to the success of Beaducation.com. By having our own Etsy page, we are supporting Etsy and offering our goods to people who are loyal to Etsy and prefer to do their supply shopping in one place. Our whole company loves Etsy, we shop on Etsy and we believe in their vision. We are passionate about supporting the handmade movement and are excited to be a part of this community!

For now, the site focuses on stamping tools and supplies. We feature our Beaducation Original design stamps and letter sets, as well as important basics like bench blocks, hammers, and hole punch pliers. So far, we have had great feedback regarding our Etsy page and are delighted to be another resource for budding stampers! 

For those of you who shop with us in both places, please be aware that our Etsy shop is separate from our online store at Beaducation.com. Each has its own inventory and are run as separate businesses, meaning we cannot combine orders. 

P.S. If you have never heard of Etsy, you're welcome! :) Get ready for a new addiction! Let's continue working together to keep the handmade movement alive and strong!

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