September 18, 2014

Make Personalized Gifts Using Our Engravers!

It's no secret that I love hitting stamps with my brass mallet, but I have traded my hammer for a different tool lately and it has been so much fun. Engraving! Beaducation offers two different models of engravers: for those on a budget, the Micro Engraver works great and for those doing a lot of engraving who want more power, we recommend our Complete Engraver Tool Set.

My most recent obsession is engraving on glass to make personalized drinking jars. A big ol' mason jar topped with a Cuppow Lid is a fun and practical gift! Let me show you how.

Start by drawing your pattern on your jar with a sharpie pen. I like to do Zentangles so I did some of those patterns on the cup you see below. (Zen-what? A quick Google search will give you tons of info.) Next, put on some safety glasses and a dust mask and you're ready to start engraving! Simply "draw" over the pen marks with your engraver. Don't worry if some of the pen marks still show slightly; you can rub them off after you are done with a Pro Polish Pad or some super fine Steel Wool.


All done and filled with iced tea

Imagine the possibilities! You can engrave on jars, wine glasses, ornaments, even windows!

And don't forget, you can also engrave on metal like Aisha does in our free online class, Winged Heart Necklace! I engraved on this pendant for a friend's birthday using a Gold Filled rectangle!

With the holidays right around the corner, now is a great time to pick up an engraver and start practicing. Make this the year that all of your gifts are handmade with love!


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