August 7, 2014

Beaducation Originals + Swarovski Crystals = A Perfect Pair

We have always wanted to pair our Swarovski Flat Back Crystals with a Beaducation Original pendant and 2014 has been our year for success. We didn't just create a single pendant to showcase your birthstone, we designed three of them!

The trick is always balancing something that is affordable, yet expensive-looking and pewter is the metal that achieves both. Pewter is such a great metal because is has a nice weight to it, it is so easy to stamp, and rarely causes any allergic reactions. It maintains its color and we were able to have these darkened so they have a vintage look of timeless antiquity.

We are offering a shape for everyone: our popular rectangle shape, our 7/8" circle and our classic heart. We put stitching on the outside of each of these little treasures to truly make them look like a collection. Each piece was designed specifically to fit your choice of 2.6mm Swarovski Flat Back Crystal, affixed with a little spot of Hypo Cement or 5 Minute Epoxy. The pewter bezel around the crystal creates a safe haven for the stone so any rubbing or bumping will not cause it to come out.

At less than $3.50 apiece, you will not find a more expensive-looking statement piece for a smaller price point. Because these pewter beauties are 'Made in America,' we are able to get them back in stock in just about a week. No long waits if you see a SOLD OUT sign on one of these product pages! Because of the popularity we've seen with these three pendants, we are designing five additional blanks to add to the collection. Stay tuned to see more fabulous Beaducation Original pewter designs coming in the next few months. Be sure to give these a try because we are sure you will love them as much as we do!

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