July 3, 2014

New Multi-sided Pendants!

Folks have always loved our four-sided swivel pendants and have been asking us for years to carry four-sided pendants with a simple clean hole through the bar for a slightly different look. Customers suggested a big hole so they can wear them on leather cord without a jump ring and string them on hemp, ball chain and even other chain by the inch. Well we found them, made right here in the good ol' US of A!

The Aluminum four-sided pendant has a nice lightweight quality to it, but it's not so soft that it can't take some serious stamping. It stamps easily and because of the 3mm hole, you can pop it on a nice leather cord.

We are also carry the same size in Brass for folks who prefer a gold tone. When we found out we could carry the same length Aluminum pendant but with six sides, we jumped at the opportunity! This beauty can hold a short saying or a bunch of family members' or friends' names. They have creatively drilled the hole so you will be able to see more than one of the facets at one time when you are wearing it.

One of our favorite things at Beaducation is to fulfill customer requests so if you have one, don't hesitate to offer your suggestion. You never know what we might find! What kind of products would you like to see us carry in the future?

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