July 17, 2014

{FREE PROJECT} Quick and Sassy Bracelet

This past weekend, my daughters Lucy and Izzy taught their friend Elle how to make this fun and quick macrame bracelet which combines hemp and crystal cup chain. This weave is commonly referred to as Cobra Braid or Cobra Stitch, or Square Knot macrame.

When Izzy saw that Beaducation carried crystal cup chain she wanted to somehow incorporate that into her macrame bracelets. She asked me how to do that, and my answer was "I have no idea, but I bet you could figure it out." Sure enough, she returned 30 minutes later with a gorgeous finished bracelet. You can bet that was a proud mama moment for me!

Tools and Materials needed:
  • Hemp String - Elle used the new Rainbow Hemp, isn't it awesome?!
  • 2mm Crystal Cup Chain - length will depend on the length of your bracelet. You will need as much chain as you have woven part (typically at least 5"). We had a 2 foot section of the chain that we just worked right off of and trimmed at the end so there was less waste.
  • The video below shows you how to make the bracelet with an adjustable clasp, or you can tie on a metal clasp (if tying on, I suggest using a little glue on your knots).
  • Glue - in the video, she uses nail polish to seal her knots. I like to make it extra secure by using glue. This Hypo Cement glue, with a tiny applicator needle, works great!
  • Scissors
  • Tape to secure your project to the table as you work.
(nice nail polish Lucy!)
The below YouTube video by simplyDIYs will show you how to do the basic weave for this bracelet. In fact, Julia's whole channel is great; visit her and her fabulous team of crafty ladies at HGTV Handmade.
To incorporate the crystal chain, keep the chain above the middle string. In the picture to the right, Lucy has 2 middle strings, in the video she only has one. Either way works fine. Let each knot come up and around the next crystal link in the chain and tie that knot tightly around it.  You will see just how easy this is once you get rockin'.
HAVE FUN! I'm off to make an extra long one to wear as a wrap around bracelet!

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