July 10, 2014

Check Us Out On Instagram!

Did you know that Beaducation has an exciting feed of pictures on Instagram? We do! It is fun for us to show behind the scenes images and introduce our staff through this fun social media venue.  If you are not on Instagram yet, Beaducation might be a good reason to join. If you already a part of the Instagram community, we invite you to check us out and follow us!

Here are a few great reasons to join our visual conversation on Instagram:

We have exclusive giveaways! These giveaways might include a kit, a tool set, a readymade piece of jewelry, everything you could need to make a specific piece of jewelry... the possibilities are endless! 

Our Instagram feed is a great way to get to the know the Beaducation Team in a whole new way! We love showcasing what we do and who is doing it. Check out the hashtag #MeetBeaducation to see us in action. 

If the giveaways and behind the scenes images are not enough to sway you to come and follow us, then check out one of our other favorite hashtags, #DogsOfBeaducation! Our company is great for so many reasons, and one of those is that we are dog-friendly. Employees are welcome to bring their furry family members to work with them. Here is a sampling of our model hounds:  

We hope that this sampling of pictures from our Instagram feed has brought you some joy. And this is just scratching the surface! Something we did not show is our wealth of ideas and creative projects that we post daily! We have had people tell us on numerous occasions that they love our feed for the various DIY ideas we post. Creativity is contagious and we are happy to spread it around!

Join the Instagram converstaion today! We love to see what you're creating. Keep us in the loop and tag your jewelry posts with #BeaducationProjects so we can follow along. 

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