June 26, 2014

Even more reasons to LOVE Tronex Tools!

Anyone who has worked with a Tronex tool knows that these tools speak for themselves. The feel, the precision, and the overall quality of these tools is impeccable. Of course, those features are all valid reasons why a tool would be ranked at the top of its class, but I can think of one more: Tronex tools are made in the USA by a family-run business!

On the way back from a trip to Lake Tahoe, my family and I stopped at the Tronex factory for a tour. I have gotten to know the family behind the business quite well over the years; Arne and Karin are the owners and their daughter Nina also works with them. I finally took them up on their open invitation to stop by and see where the magic happens. It was a fascinating tour! Touring their factory was like being in an episode of How It's Made (a favorite TV program in my home). See those metal rods in the image below? I loved watching the machines slice and dice them into pliers and cutters. Amazing! It really is like magic! 

While I don't have pictures that show all the trade secrets behind their tool manufacturing, that isn't what impressed me the most. What I was most struck by is the sense of family throughout the building. Arne and Karin care about their employees and it shows. They have a strong team where employees stick around for many years. Their team consists of friendly, talented craftsmen who know this trade well and put tremendous care into every tool. From the guy programing their most important machine to the gal who puts every handle on by hand, they all care about the quality of their products. Karin does a lot of product testing herself to make sure no tool leaves their factory unless it's perfect.

I have always recommended Tronex tools because of their superior quality. Knowing they are made in the United States (using USA steel) by a kind and honest family-owned business makes it a no-brainer.

Thanks for the tour Karin and Arne!


hoboken said...

Awesome ! i really found very informative article here and bookmarked this blog. Thank you.dave burke

Unknown said...

So wonderful to know products are still made with pride in the United States. I love a company that i like a family. Someday I hope to own some Tronex tools.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave and Victoria,
We at Tronex would like to send each of you a complimentary tool. Please email me at nina@tronextools.com with your address info.
Best Regards,