March 13, 2014

Introducing 7 new design stamps!

The Design Team gets excited when there are new stamps to use in the studio, so this week was especially awesome as we launched seven (count 'em -- SEVEN!) fantastic new design stamps

We are very excited to be adding two arrows to our collection. One is a very classic arrow, and the other has a heart at the head and teardrop-shaped petals as the fletching. They look beautiful stamped individually or as part of a pattern:

It's no surprise that hearts continue to be an all-time favorite. Thankfully, love never seems to go out of style! We have three new hearts to add and you are going to love the versatility of these designs. Don't forget one of our all time favorite things to do with a design stamp: use it as a border stamp! Our new Radiant Heart looks great stamped in repetition around this circle blank with a monogram initial in the middle.

We have also added two new stars to the collection, one large and one small. These are a great way to punctuate your design!

All of these new additions are Beaducation Originals, which means they are high quality stamps that are designed and made the USA, and stamp like a dream! 

We think the two lined hearts and two stars make a great set, so we put together another Beaducation Design Stamp Collection called "Tiny Embellishments II" that includes all four of them. Save $3.50 when you buy them together!  
What will you make with these lovely designs?  We have been playing around with samples and found that the possibilities are endless!  Combining the Classic Arrow with the Tall Lined Heart on this Brass Circle blank made the pendant below. Sweet!


We hope you enjoy these design stamps as much as we do and we would love to see what you make with them! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation by showing off your projects!

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