March 6, 2014

Do you like saving money? We thought so!

Punched Blanks take about 2 weeks.
Tax season is a great time to think about how you can save more money in the new year. We want to help! We invite you to pull out that shoebox of receipts and take a look at how much you spent on your jewelry supplies in 2013. (We know, it's a scary thought!)

How many of any one blank did you purchase throughout the year? Those Sterling Silver Swivel Pendants are your most popular design, so you probably bought a lot. Maybe you added in Puffy Hearts midway through the year and those designs are becoming more popular with your customers. If you are buying large quantities of one particular model number, we have a program that will help you save more when you buy more.

Introducing Special Orders! The program is not new to Beaducation, but we don't talk a lot about it and we want to make sure you know it exists. You could save 20-30% off your go-to blanks! Here are the thresholds you need to meet and the savings you will enjoy:
  • 50-99 = 20% off
  • 100-199 = 25% off
  • 200+ = 30% off 
Cast Blanks take about 8 weeks.
You might not think you will use 50 or more of any one blank in a year, but have a closer look at those receipts and add it up. Our customers who are currently placing Special Orders are very happy they are leveraging those discounts!

Danelle Street: Special Orders
The savings that you could be adding to your bottom line will require a little bit of planning. If you are ordering Artisan blanks (which are cast), the wait is about 8 weeks. If you are ordering a Punched Blank, the wait is only 2 weeks.

Special Orders are handled by Danelle Street, Inventory Extraordinaire. You may have seen her on some of our fantastic free classes and product videos. She is a master collage stamper and quite the renaissance woman. Danelle is the one who will handle your special orders. Email her the model number (i.e. SS002) and the quantity you need, and she will email you back an estimate for the amount.

The reason you will be given an 'estimate' on the price is because we base our prices on the silver or gold market that our vendor charges us the day they make the blanks. Danelle will call you for your credit card information and charge you one half of the estimate when you confirm your order and then will email you to confirm charging the other half (which may be a little more or a little less, based on the final invoice sent by the vendor).

Your final price will have been at least 20% less than if you purchased those blanks through our online store! Money in the bank, baby! So if you enjoy any of our Sterling, Silver Filled, Gold Filled or Rose Gold Filled blanks, shoot Danelle an email and find out if you can stock up for a few months -- or even for the year. You will be thanking us when you tally up your supply costs next year at tax time!

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