February 6, 2014

Smile at the Birdie! {NEW PRODUCT!}

We can never have too many birds here at Beaducation. We find ourselves creating additional bird design stamps and bird blanks... and customers are still asking for more! Give the people what they want: introducing new Sparrow Blanks!

The bird-in-flight shape has been popular for eons, and after nearly a year of drawing and re-drawing it, we finally came up with the exact bird we were over the moon for! With its graceful glide, we are sure they will be a hit. What do you think?

These blanks measure 1" high by 1.65" wide, which is plenty of room to stamp your favorite sentiment on them. We used the 3.2mm Kismet Lowercase Letter Set to stamp on the copper blank above. These birds also look great using a design stamp to create a pattern.

We are stocking these beautiful birds in five metals: aluminum, brass, copper, silver filled, and nickel silver. With the base metal version costing just about $1, try these in your new designs today!

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