January 13, 2014

{NEW!} Silver Plated Pewter Circles

We launched pewter blanks in 2013 and were met with applause from many people. We are back now with Sterling Silver Plated Pewter Blanks that you are going to love!

These circles are 16-gauge thick so they are weighty and have a nice Tiffany-esque look to them. The sterling silver plating on these is quite thick and will not easily come off.

We do suggest you wipe away any Sharpie residue with a baby wipe or a Sunshine Polishing Cloth (rather than Pro Polish Pad) to completely ensure that sterling plating stays as thick as the day you bought it.

Pewter is a dream to stamp on! The metal alloy is soft, yet incredibly durable. The back side has a hammered pattern on it so that even heavy-handed stampers won't see their impressions show through. Best of all, we have three sizes and each is under $2!

These blanks come with a hole already punched in them, which is large enough to accommodate up to an 18g jump ring. 

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