December 9, 2013

New Video Viewer!

BIG NEWS!  We have launched a new online class viewer.  This viewer is very similar to our old one but it's now bigger, has a full screen option and works on all computers and mobile devices!  YES, now you can watch all our online classes, even on your iPhone or iPad.

Let us give you a tour of what to expect when watching a class with the new viewer:

1 - When you scroll over the bottom of the viewer, the control bar will pop up. Just like before, you can pause and play the videos, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
2 - Click on this button and watch the video in FULL SCREEN! Once in full screen, hit that same button again or hit Esc to exit full screen.
3 - What did you think of the class? Click the feedback button and let us know...thanks!
4 - Our classes are still broken out into steps, keeping you on track and helping you focus on learning one step at a time.

Change is good!  Let us know what you think :)

Happy learning!


Sharon said...

Thanks for adding full screen

kavin smith said...
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Hrishita Sahay said...
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