December 16, 2013

Creating Your Own Borders with Stamps

We have been having a lot of fun in the Design Studio here at Beaducation. We love using tools in new and innovative ways. There is nothing better than having a tool and realizing that you can double (or even triple) the things that it can do! With that in mind, we have been looking at our design stamps and repetitively stamping them to create decorative borders around various blanks. It's an awesome technique because it works for blanks both big and small, and all of your favorite shapes! 

Below is a sampling of the stamps we used, mainly demonstrated on circle blanks.  Make sure you read to the very end, where we show that this stamping style works great with other shapes as well.  

Above is a fun riveted pendant that has a border stamped entirely from our Monogram "V".  We love how the curly feel of the letter translates into a border with a lot of movement and play. It feels like hearts, spirals and curlicues all in one. This sample got us thinking about other monogram letter stamps...  

We started thinking about all the different letters that would work great to create this effect. Can you make out the letters we chose in the below sample?   

You should see the letters ""O", "Q", "U", "X", "Y", "Z" stamped on the large silver circle, then the letter "O" stamped alone in repetition on the copper circle in the middle. We finished this off by stamping the monogram "R" on a gold filled blank and riveting them all together. So pretty!

We love how the copper piece feels almost like a sketch!  It has such a delicate, hand drawn feel to it, even though it was hammered out with monogram "O" stamp. The silver blank below with all the combined letters looks great and playful too. If you have been hesitating to invest in a new letter set, we hope these two samples will help you look at letters in an innovative way. They are more useful than you might have originally thought!
This sort of collage stamping also works great with a variety of design stamps, not just letters. We took a test drive with some of our favorite design stamps to see what they could do!  Below are examples of our NEW Beaducation Original Rose Design Stamps combined with some of our various leaf and vine stamps. As in the above example, we stamped out two blanks with different borders to see what it would look like when they were stacked. The outcome is a lovely pendant that looks as though a garden is growing from the metal! We think this is a fun and dramatic look that works great for featuring monograms and names alike.  

Using a decorative design stamp is a wonderful way to customize a piece specifically for someone. If an individual loves motorcycles, use that stamp to create his or her border! Same goes for coffee, pets, pirate ships, even money! We have almost 300 design stamps to choose from, so we're sure you can find something for everyone. Check out the samples below to see how we used a handful of stamps. Some of the borders we created with no specific reason, except that we thought it would make a beautiful pattern.  

This last picture shows our Ornate Key stamped all around one of our plaques. The effect is lovely and decorative. When using a stamp that is long and narrow, it is important to place the stamp carefully and position it so that one end is always pointing towards the middle of the blank. This will ensure that your border stamp is clear and even.  

We hope these examples serve as inspiration as you look at design stamps and get to creating! We also hope it helps to broaden your vision as you look at tools, and see that they can be used in a wide variety of ways. Happy stamping to you!

Feel free to share your own projects and let us see what you are up to as you create wonderful projects of your own.  We love hearing from you!

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