November 21, 2013

NEW FREE CLASS - Stamped Washer Setting with Taryn McCabe

Our Lead Designer, Taryn McCabe, has come up with a brilliant new way to set a stone. In her new FREE class, Stamped Washer Setting, Taryn will teach you how to capture a stone using washers, metal stamping, and nuts and bolts.

When I asked Taryn about the inspiration behind this project, she said, "To me, the more sparkle the better! When I saw our new inventory of Swarovski Stones for our Spiro Pendant Class, I knew I wanted to set these stones in a new, unique way which incorporated stamping. Sparkle AND a personalized bezel, it doesn't get much better than that!"

Not only are Taryn's designs amazing, she is also a great teacher with a clear and easy-to-follow teaching style.

I bet you can think of a few people on your holiday list to make one of these for.  Come join us!

Watch the preview of the class on our YouTube channel! Did you know that all of our free classes and product videos are available there? It's true!

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