November 18, 2013

Holiday Crafting

The holiday season is upon us, which means there is even more reason to focus on family, food and CRAFTING! Whatever your craft is, Beaducation has you covered!  One of the more important parts of crafting is making sure you start early enough to ensure you have the time to complete all of your holiday projects.  Another important part is having the proper tools to make your crafting easier. Check out our site for the perfect tool to get your project done. As for time, get crafting now! 

Check out our free online classes and DIY designs on the site for some fun ideas.  We have a lot of great projects including holiday specific ones, great gift ideas for guys, AND projects (plus classes) that can include kids too.  Personalized gifts mean a lot.  It shows that you took time and made an effort to create something truly special.  Above we have a pair of wreath earrings that we made with a couple of our washer blanks and banner blanks.  It was fun stamping leaves and ornaments (circles) onto these blanks and then filling the impressions in with colorful patinas.  This project is fun and festive.  

Below we have a great project for those who love to entertain.  We made these napkin rings with some copper sheet and secured everything together with rivets.  Our plaque blanks are especially perfect for this project as they add a lot of style to the copper rings.  We love how you can personalize these by stamping them with whatever you want to say!

Below is a project that uses a letter set that is specifically created for stamping on steel!  This is a great set of tools to stamp out gifts for every occasion!  We have been stamping all of our utensils here at  the office to make our utensils more fun, and to learn more about this set.  This way we can pass our knowledge on to you.  

We quickly realized that stamping on flatware requires a bit more muscle than stamping on blanks. Since steel and various base metals used in flatware are very, VERY sturdy, it is important to take one utensil and set  it aside as your practice piece.  This piece will help you gauge how hard you have to hit the stamps and how many times for the perfect look.  We found that using a heaver hammer, like our 2 lb mallet worked better for us. It was nice to have a mallet that brought some muscle to the project.  We also recommend beginning with utensils that are relatively flat. If you start off stamping on flatware that is ornate and/or shapely, you might have a tougher time getting the hang of it straight off.  

Also, we highly recommend taping the utensil down to your bench block.  We found that by securing our utensil with tape, we did not have to worry about it shifting around.  It's a great idea because then you are able to focus on your stamping rather than where the piece is bouncing off to.

Our last holiday feature is this sweet, personalized snowflake. This project shows us how fun it is to design with blanks. This entire piece is created with blanks from our site.  We made a different version of this snowflake that you can check out here.  This project is perfect for a grandma or grandpa with a large family.  We used every branch on the snowflake to stamp out a name.  Not only would this snowflake look great on a tree as an ornament, but it would also look grand hanging on a door, in a window, from a lamp or anywhere else you might think to hang it!


As you get going with your crafting projects, feel free to keep us in the loop!  Beaducation's Instagram has a page started where people can tag their own photos with #MerryBeaducation to show off any holiday projects they are working on.  We love seeing what you are working on, and hearing about your successes and challenges! 

Happy stamping to all and to all a good rivet. :)

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