October 21, 2013

{VIDEO} Dimple Pliers

Have you ever used Dimple Pliers? These handy tools are favorites of our Design Lead, Taryn. We carry two dimple pliers, one creating a 1mm dimple and one creating a 3mm dimple. Taryn uses these pliers in designs whenever she can.

When Taryn demonstrates these pliers at our trade shows, she is often met with the response, "I have never seen these before!" Don't worry about visiting us at a trade show; Taryn has put together a free Product Video to show you just how handy these pliers are.

You should also check out our Design Ideas page to see all of the finished pieces Taryn has created with these versatile pliers. Most of them fall in the "Hand Stamped Jewelry" section. The 1mm dimple is very similar to the look you get with the period/dot stamp. The 3mm dimple is more pronounced and leaves a larger indentation. You can choose to oxidize these dimples or leave the metal "raw."

Just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead, what about this Sugar Skull? Taryn created the border around the skull using the 1mm dimple plier. And, if you're thinking ahead to the holidays, a great gift idea is a Zodiac pendant.

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