October 10, 2013

Employee Class : Woven Wire Bezel

Here at Beaducation, we are always thinking of new and exciting classes that we can introduce to our customers. It is awesome getting the opportunity to grow our skills and techniques, and then pass them on to you. We recently hosted a learning event where we tested out a prospective class on the employees of Beaducation! The class is called Wire Woven Bezels and the finished project is a Lisa Niven Kelly original.  Below are two examples of pendants created during the class.  

Beaducation sells a ton of great tools, but based on our customer questions we are realizing that not every customer knows the purpose of each and every tool (go figure)! Our product videos and classes are a great way to learn the different uses and purposes for each and every tool.  It is amazing how the right tool can make the most complicated or awkward action a breeze!  The tool below is called a Ring Clamp, and it is very helpful for holding a variety of things in addition to rings. We used this helpful wooden clamp to hold the wire when creating our woven wire bezel.  

Here is the ring clamp in action.  You can see that it not only keeps the wire in place, but it makes it so your project is secure and not inundated with fumbly fingers. 

Below is a peek of our class, held in the break room at the Beaducation office.  This is where we conduct our meetings and have our employee classes.  We have a pretty great setup!  

For this class, we even had a video camera focused in on the action. Whatever Lisa, our instructor, was working on was "televised" on the big screen for all to see! Employee classes are a fantastic perk.  We get to learn new skills, hang out with our coworkers, and wear our beautiful masterpieces after the fact. Best of all, with our new found knowledge, we can better serve our clientele!

Below is a progress shot of a pendant that is almost complete. The final wires are worked into a lovely spiral swirl, and then wrapped together to create an ornate bezel.  

Here are all the beautiful pendants we made during class!

Most of us chose to put the fancy spirals on the front of the pendant, but you can also put the spirals on the back side. This gives the pendant a more simple look in front and dresses up the back side. 

Let us know your feedback!  We would love to hear what you are interested in learning more about. One of our main purposes at Beaducation is creating classes to help and teach our customers.  We want to help you hone your skills and your input will definitely help us give you what you want! 

Here's the best part...YOU TOO can make these bezels! We may shoot a class on it in the future but for now, you can purchase the written tutorial.  Have fun!

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