October 17, 2013

Dapping Sets - Wood vs. Steel

Dapping is a quick and easy method to create a concave or convex curve and is a great way to add depth and interest to a design. We are often asked when to use a wooden dapping set versus a steel dapping set and I am here to explain the pros and cons of each.

Wooden Dapping Set
  • Great for dapping thin gauges -- 24g and thinner. If your metal has been completely annealed, you could go to 20g. 
  • No marring/scratching when dapping with a wooden set.
  • Use a plastic mallet to strike the wooden punches.
  • Very portable because it is light weight!
  • Great for thicker gauges -- 24g and thicker.
  • There is a chance of marring/scratching when dapping metal on metal. 
  • If you have stamped on your metal and then dap it, the stamped impressions may become distorted.
  • You have more choices when it comes to the depth of the curvature.
  • The thickness of your metal will determine if you use a plastic mallet or heavy mallet/hammer. 
We have free product videos that show you exactly how to use each of these tools. Take a look!

Wooden Dapping Set
Metal Dapping Set

Here are some lovely examples of jewelry made with dapped disks. As you can see, we have dapped some of our designs to be concave and others to be convex. Which is your favorite? The sky's the limit when you're dapping!

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