September 19, 2013

NEW FREE CLASS! Stamping on Metal for Kids

Beaducation is excited to announce a new online class; this one targets a different audience. The launch of this class also includes the introduction of a new instructor.

And who better to teach this class than Lisa's daughter, Lucy Kelly?!

Lucy started crafting at a very young age and has dabbled in everything from duct tape to origami -- and beading, of course! Once her mom gave her the hammer and she started stamping, she proclaimed herself a "Metalist." She certainly knows her way around a bench block! She's been teaching her friends to stamp, and even taught us a few tricks during the video shoot.

Expanding into classes for children is something Beaducation has been considering for awhile. Having Lucy kick off the category with Stamping on Metal was the obvious way to go. And, man did she bring it!

In just 17 minutes, Lucy covers the tools and materials you'll need to get started, as well as the basic technique. Her clear and direct instruction makes this class fun and fast for kids of all ages!

The Stamping on Metal Starter Kit is perfect for beginning stampers, which comes with everything except the hammer. Lucy specifically recommends the Lil' 1 lb. Brass Head Mallet because it's the perfect size for kids. 

Once you've got the basics down, Lucy shows how you can take your stamping to the next level in the Design Ideas step. Make friendship pendants, charm bracelets, and so much more! We think that a stamped charm is a great way to add flare to the zippers on your child's backpack!

Our new Sample Packs of blanks are a great way to get your child excited about creating different kinds of jewelry and gifts. We have packs with six different sizes of Circles, as well as packs of our most Popular Blank Shapes. Each of these packs comes in brass, copper, nickel silver, and aluminum -- giving you an inexpensive way to mix shapes, sizes, and metals.

Please join us in welcoming Lucy Kelly to the esteemed list of Beaducation instructors. We ask a lot of our faculty members and Lucy fits right in. She created and demonstrated dynamic samples, predicted questions and potential problems for students following along, and was a true professional throughout the planning and shooting process. Not bad for a 10-year-old!

This class is available for free on the Beaducation website. No need to create an account! If your kids are addicted to the iPad, you can watch this class from our YouTube channel (or right here from this blog post). 

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