September 23, 2013

Meet the Beaducators: Lora Curran

It has been awhile since we have invited you to Meet the Beaducators! 

This time, let us introduce you to someone who you may already know if you have called or emailed our Customer Service department.

Meet Lora Curran!

What is your favorite Beaducation product and why?

My favorite is the 1/16th EZ-Rivet Piercing and Setting Tool. This handy tool makes it so easy to make perfectly set rivets. I like mixing metals, and adding a dot of color with a rivet makes them practical and fun. I've also become a big fan of using this tool with the 3/32" Eyelet Flaring Accessory (the 1/16" eyelet is too small for my jump rings). Instead of a plain punched hole for my jump ring, I frame it with a brass eyelet. This is just another opportunity to add a mixed metal accent and I love the finished detail!

How do you like to be creative in your free time?

I like to get creative with cooking. I rarely follow a recipe to the letter. I'm more of a "That looks like an interesting recipe. What would make it really good is ..." kind of girl.  Sometimes it comes from the necessity of improvising for an ingredient I don't have. In a pinch, I also enjoy seeing what I can whip up with whatever random ingredients I have in the fridge.

If you were a food, what would you be?

Sushi! It is very adaptable. It can be healthy or indulgent, spicy or creamy, great on the go or for a fancy occasion. And it's best when fresh!

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Charlotte said...

So happy I looked at the staff of Beaducation and found Lora Curran. Haven't talked with her no more than 3 (maybe 4) times and she has always been vey helpful and so nice to carry on a conversation with. It is really good to know you are talking with someone who wants to help you and can help you, without putting you on hold to find out the information needed by the customer. It has been a while since our last conversation, but she may remember Charlotte Smith from North Carolina. If not, that's ok. Just tell her she is the best and does a fantastic job for Beaducation.

Charlotte Smith
North Carolina