September 26, 2013

Letter Sets on Sale!

Do you make a point of checking out the Specials page? We keep things fresh on this page, changing our sale items every two weeks. Have a look!

What about those three letter sets?! The Greek Letter Set is 2.4mm, which is the perfect size for pendants and charms. Now is the time to invest in this letter set so you can add fraternity and sorority designs to your offerings. The set comes in its own wooden box. Opa!

We also have two uppercase sets at 20% off -- Ballroom Boogie (3.2mm) and Royal Crest (4mm). If you like swirls and curls, you will love these letters.

We've mentioned the different font sizes. We have a couple of resources to help you choose which size is right for your project. Here is a handy chart that shows the most popular font sizes fit on one inch. We also have a free Product Video that walks you through the process, along with some tips and tricks.

P.S. You're should bookmark the Specials page because we have some exciting things happening over there in October. ;)

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