August 8, 2013

Fancy Finishes for Your Leather

   I love working with Leather Cord, but it is often hard to figure out just how I want to finish it off. Should I just tie a knot through my clasp? Wrap wire around the end after attaching the clasp? Pop on a standard Pinch End Clasp? All of these are good options for certain projects, and I am excited about the new fancy way to finish off leather cord.
  We have added in Heart and Leaf Hook and Eye Pinch End Clasps and they are the perfect touch to making your leather bracelets and necklaces look really professional.  Using these beauties is the same concept as a regular Pinch End Clasp: you simply flatten the back of the decorative Heart or Leaf with your Chain Nose Pliers.

  The difference is that you have a a reason to wear your hair up when wearing your leather necklace - to show off that pretty clasp! If your bracelet turns around to the 'clasp side,' its is as pretty as the front!
  These clasps are less than $2.50 per pair. You can't beat that! So if you are looking for new ways to finish off your leather or have always hesitated using leather cording because you didn't know how to finish it off, give these a try. They won't put a dent in your wallet and you'll receive quite a few compliments!


Unknown said...

that IS a really nice looking clasp.

shikha said...

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Unknown said...

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