August 1, 2013

Everything You Need to Start Soldering

Soldering is fun and can be easy with the right education and assistance from your friends here at Beaducation. Whether you're just getting started or you're ready to take your soldering skills to the next level, we have the resources to help you be successful every time.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you check out our new Get Started Soldering page because it walks you through what tools and knowledge you'll need to solder, including FAQs when things don't work quite right the first time. Don't worry - it happens to everyone!

We have many classes that will take you from the beginning to more advanced projects. Start by watching these three FREE classes: Butane Torch SafetySetting up for Soldering at Home with Joe Silvera, and move on to your first project with Simple Soldered Pendant with Kate Richbourg. From there you can expand to Introduction to Soldering, where Kate goes over soldering jump rings, making chain and beads. As your skills improve, we have classes that will continue to challenge you: Prong Set Pendants with Kim St. Jean, Soldered Rim Pendant, and Soldered Rings and Bezels with Kate Richbourg.

We also have a wide variety of free Product Videos (I like to think of them as mini classes). These short videos go over tools and materials and how to use them. For soldering we have Comparing Torches, Solder Paste and Wire, Penny Brite and many more!

If you prefer learning in a different way, we have a selection of books as well. Soldering Made Simple by Joe Silvera and Simple Soldering by Kate Richbourg, which features 20 projects. Both of these books also come with a DVD.

And, don't forget our latest additions to our soldering tools! We are now carrying the Heetrix Soldering Platform which offers the convenience of soldering off the side of your work bench. Aqui Flux is everyone's new favorite flux, and Flux Burn Away Brushes are fire-resistant, so you won't burn through your paint brushes anymore -- literally!

Have you tried soldering yet? Do you have any tips to share for newbies? Leave a comment!


Becca Carroll said...

Hi! I found your website recently because I was looking for soldering videos and came across your YouTube videos. I was wondering if canning citric acid is okay to use for metal cleaning? I have it on hand already because I can my own foods sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becca! The answer is YES! The citric acid you have for canning is the same stuff we use to clean our metals. :)

Becca Carroll said...

Great, thank you, Molly!

Unknown said...

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