August 19, 2013

Design Challenge : Reinventing Blanks Edition

This month, our Design Team was challenged with the task of looking at blanks in a new way. Each designer picked a blank that she thought had not been utilized to its full potential. The results are awesome! It is exciting to see what people do when they are asked to think outside the box. We found that simple blanks, when used in repetition, start to create a lovely pattern in themselves. 

The necklace below is our Single Clad Circle Blank, just cut in half!  We soon found out that this design allows you to get  two lovely blanks out of one.  

The bracelet below, designed by Aisha Formanski, uses a Single Clad Medium Classic Heart blank.  The blank is silver on one side, and copper on the other. Automatically, the bracelet is reversible!  Aisha took it a step further and used the skills she teaches in our FREE: Etching Base Metals class.  She etched the copper side with a beautiful flower pattern, and then applied a patina to the metal to give it a lovely weathered look.          


The heart was a favorite shape among our designers. The necklace below, designed by Mel McCabe, shows how sometimes just linking together one blank to another is enough to create a statement piece. Ornate blanks like this Artisan Heart can create a very rich and beautiful chain that looks stunning alone or layered up!

Our General Manager, Claudia Navarrete, converted this lovely Bird Pendant into a something new.  By cutting off the loop on top of the pendant she was able to then punch holes in the metal and create a dynamic and customized component. We love how this necklace has an edgy feel with its use of chain and birds together.  

The earrings below are a perfect example of how looking at something in a new way can start to transform the way you think (and create)! Jennifer Parzych started these earrings with one of our Leather Bracelets and cut out two small crescent shapes. She then cut a Brass Washer in half and riveted it and these Sterling Silver Rectangle Tags to each piece of the leather. The finished product is fabulous! Not only are these earrings lightweight, the beautiful geometric details come together with all the riveted tags and pop of color behind them.  

The last piece, made by Design Lead Taryn McCabe, shows one of our Circle Pendant with Raised Edge blanks riveted onto the ends of our Say It On Your Wrist Bracelet Blank. It's neat how adding a new element to an already existing project can create a whole new look and give your project a completely different feel.  We love how the additional blanks allow you to further customize an already personalized bracelet.  

These projects are set to go live in our DIY Designs category starting next week! Check back for materials and tools lists, along with step by step instructions for projects that are not self-explanatory. We are always updating our DIY Designs with new projects. If there is anything in particular you want to see, let us know. As you may have guessed, we love a Design Challenge!

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