August 29, 2013

BeadDreams Competition - WINNERS!

Beaducation is a proud sponsor of the Wirework Category of the BeadDreams Competition each year at the Bead&Button Show. We are delighted to share with you photographs of the winning pieces, as well as what inspired each designer. 

DESIGNER: Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson (Sarah-n-Dippity) took the first place prize with her intricate pendant titled Mira. When I asked how the idea for Mira came about, this is what Ms. Thompson said:
"My designing begins with a sketch. For Mira, this sketching process took place over the course of three months. Many designs were discarded before I felt that I had a winning design. Even though I had sketched out Mira, there is still a growth that happens as I work that transforms it to something more than I had originally designed."
This piece was originally designed to house a South Sea Pearl, but when Ms. Thompson was almost finished, she realized that the design was better suited for a gem she had been holding onto for years. Switching the stone also allowed her to show off her own custom prong setting.

TITLE: Phoenix Jacket
DESIGNER: Vanessa Walilko
The second place winner is Vanessa Walilko (Kali Butterfly) and her Phoenix Jacket. I asked Ms. Walilko about her inspiration for this piece and she shared this with me: 

"The phoenix is one of my favorite creatures; I love the ideas of transformation and renewal. I wanted to make a piece that looked like a phoenix that just emerged from the ashes. The scale collar was to be like the ruffled feathers of a bird. I normally make monochromatic pieces, so I wanted to challenge myself with a color fade. I really enjoyed making the rings transition from gold to orange to red. It gives the illusion of the piece being more than just three colors."

TITLE: Penny Pincher
DESIGNER: Omniobadiah Mee
Our third place winner is Omniobadiah Mee (Entropyware) with his piece titled Penny Pincher. I asked Mr. Mee how the piece came to fruition and he gave me the back story: 

"After winning the BeadDreams competition in 2012, I was inspired to make a corset for 2013, and even figured out some of the construction techniques I wanted to use while at the show. I had recently been laid off, however, and figured I was not going to have enough funds to build the chainmaille corset I had envisioned. Earlier in the year, I was experimenting with my Power Punch Pliers, making simple charm bracelets with coins. I revisited these experiments and made a small sheet of Japenese four-in-one with pennies, and that is when the inspiration hit me again: I could make the corset on a tighter budget, naming it Penny Pincher." 

We love sponsoring this competition each year, and enjoy seeing all of the BeadDreams winners when we are at the Bead&Button Show each year. The first place winner receives a $300 gift certificate to our online store, second place receives $200, and third place receives $100.

Congratulations to all of our winners! 

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