July 22, 2013

Swarovski Crystal Inspiration : The Rivoli

Here at Beaducation, nothing gets our creative juices flowing quite like new product. It is always exciting to see the new things arrive and then transform them into wearable pieces of art! Occasionally I wonder if our Design Team is comprised of people who were once magpies; we all are so enamored with sparkly, shiny things!

One of our current obsessions is the Swarovski Rivoli. We love how it comes in a array of colors, three various sizes and anyway you spin it, it is BEA-U-TIFUL. 

We launched a free class this Summer on how to create a stylish pendant with the 18mm Rivoli called the Spiro Pendant

We also sent out step-by-step pictures in our Newsletter on how to create a stacked pendant (shown above) with the 14mm Rivoli crystals. Both projects are a lot of fun, and a great way to create some bling for your accessories collection.  

Here are a couple more inspiration projects that use the large 27mm Swarovski Crystals. Some of these are on their way to becoming Design Ideas, and others are stepping stones for possible new Classes. We love testing out techniques with our new products and seeing the cool outcomes.  


The above pendant was created using the Riveting System on eight 5 Petal Mini Flowers and a Large Brass Washer. We thought the results turned out great! I'll be honest -- this wasn't the simplest project we've ever done. It took a little time working side to side to ensure the crystal sat correctly in the washer, but we thought it was well worth the trouble in the end.

Another alternative to "setting" the 27mm Swarovski Crystals is the above pendant. It uses two large 1 and 1/4"Washers, and we particularly love this look because it allows you to stamp whatever sentiment you like on the washer that frames the crystal. It is a perfect project for those who want something personalized and glitzy! We used the Hex Wrenches and Bolts, Nuts & Screws to connect it all together. After measuring out where to punch the holes in the washers for the screws, this piece came together quickly and was a cinch to make. 
One interesting fact about all four of these projects is that they use cold connections to come together. We are big fans of soldering and fusing, but if you can accomplish the same sort of results without lighting your torch, then so be it! Sometimes the very idea of setting up a big production to make jewelry can be intimidating. Don't let anything stop you from being creative! 

Make time for your creative adventures. It's good for your attitude, your brain... and your wardrobe!

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