July 11, 2013

Long and Lean Artisan Pendants

There is something very exciting about asking a manufacturer to make something special just for Beaducation. Customers email and call every day requesting football helmet shaped blanks, a more classic heart shaped blank, or Stamped Border Blanks -- and we are able to give them what they want!
Some requests and ideas take a little longer than others. For years, customers have been asking for a long and lean rectangle-shaped artisan blank. We did not have the opportunity to sit down with the manufacturer and talk about the length and width and design on the edges until this year. 
When we received the sample for the Dotted Raised Edge Rectangle Pendant we were thrilled. Not only did it look fabulous, it was so easy to stamp! We realized that our Beaducation Original Letters fit perfectly between the raised edges of the pendant so it was nearly impossible to misalign your letters!  We ordered them in Copper, Brass and Sterling. They were so popular right out of the gate, that we decided for the first time to order a blank in 14 karat gold plating! They turned out gorgeous, too! 
We got requests for a longer version without the dots for those who prefer a sleeker look and have more to say. Our manufacturer cast another exclusive design just for Beaducation: The Raised Edge Rectangle Pendant. Summer is our favorite time to wear these because they look great with a V-neck, sundress or swooping neckline. Our first batch flew out the door and a new shipment just came in, so pick one up and see what you think. We just know you will love them as much as we do! 

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