June 27, 2013

Design Challenge : World Edition

The Design Team at Beaducation completed a new design challenge last month.  Our project was inspired by World Designs. We looked to different cultures for motivation and even compiled some images to draw inspiration from. Below is a peek at some of the images that moved us.
We loved how these designs seemed free-flowing. We wanted our Beaducation designs to have that same sense of energy and history. It was exciting to see how each designer took an idea and ran with it; each finished piece has a different look from the next.

This beautiful necklace was created by Danelle Street, Beaducation's Inventory Lead.  She used different metals to layer in depth, texture and color to this bib necklace. Each piece was hand-stamped with various design stamps to create patterns and dimension. Danelle was able to cut these shapes with French Shears and she used various sheet metals as her base material. This is a great project to learn how to use hex nuts and bolts and really hone your stamping skills!

The beautiful earrings above were created by Mel McCabe, Beaducation's Product Manager. We love how these hammered gold fill rectangle blanks start to look like the steps of a golden temple. This is a great project to get familiar with one of our favorite tools, the Fretz Chasing Hammer. By texturing these blanks with a chasing hammer, Mel was able to give the metal a more complex look, creating an older-worldly antique feel.


This bracelet is a favorite here at Beaducation. It was created by Jennifer Parzych who is an integral part of our shipping team. We think the combination of solderable triangle accents and triangle blanks start to create geometric Aztec patterns. The combination of Gold Filled and Sterling Silver metals attached to rust-colored leather make this piece look extra special.

This necklace was created by me! I'm Beaducation's Design Lead. This project is a great stamping adventure that creates intricate patterns from a variety of design stamps used in repetition. It showcases some of our newer design stamps that are perfect for pattern making: our Shape Design Stamps. I also got to use my favorite pliers -- the 1mm Hooked Jaw Dimple Pliers. The leather chain really finishes this piece, and the knots in the leather cord mimic beads.

Our next project was created by Claudia Navarette, Beaducation's General Manager. We love how this necklace feels very gypsy-like. The combination of overlapped Copper blanks and large-link chain makes beautiful music when someone puts this beauty on. Each circular blank was stamped over and over with a single design stamp. The look is stunning as it reinvents some of our Design Stamps. One blank is even stamped over, and over with a letter "D." Now that is a new use for your letter set!

Our last design was created by our illustrious leader, Lisa Niven Kelly! This chevron necklace is a great example of how a little bit of stamping and soldering can create a favorite piece of jewelry. We think this is a necklace one would wear on an everyday basis. This necklace actually made an appearance on live television during a news broadcast in Milwaukee during the annual Bead&Button show. If you want to see our CEO in action and the debut of this beautiful piece, check out this link.

We hope you have been inspired by some of our new creations. If you feel like you want to try out some world-inspired designs of your own, check out our DIY Projects along with our Classes for some great tutorials on tons of jewelry making techniques.
We have been posting pictures on Beaducation's Instagram and our Pinterest Board dedicated to Beaducation Design Ideas; we want folks to keep us updated on their own jewelry projects! We love seeing all the stamping, soldering, riveting, etc. that our customers are up to. Please feel free to share your projects with us and follow along on Instagram and Pinterest; and of course on Facebook and Twitter, too.

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Amazing pieces! And so inspiring.