May 9, 2013

Showing off our Ring Bling

This week our Design Team has been having a lot of fun playing with rings. We have an awesome variety of materials to play with and the options are endless! Our Rivetable Rings are an easy way to make a statement, and our FREE Product Video featuring these rings is informative and fun. 

You can layer on any sort of blank your heart desires, including a Sterling Silver Oval or even stack your ring with Artisan Blanks and more.

Something to keep in mind as you start designing -- our Rivetable Rings come in Sterling Silver and Silver Plated. If you choose Sterling, your rivets will hammer out in silver, as shown in the example above on the green background. However, the core of the rivet on the Silver Plated rings is brass and you will get a golden color when you hammer it out -- as seen in the examples above on the right.

This can work to your advantage, as long as you are planning for it. We chose a Brass Square Blank for the centerpiece of the ring on the far right and the brass blends in. You can also accent the rivet by stamping on it, as we have done with the flower on the round ring in the middle.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up and think outside of the box. The ring above uses one rivet to attach the blank, and the other side is left free so it can be worn as an adjustable ring. We embellished the copper band with the fluff from our Dandelion & Fluff Design Stamp.

We recently got excited about using two of our Rivetable Rings together to create a modern version of a "knuckle duster." Our ring will have people seeing stars, but more so because it packs a stylish punch with our Star Design Stamp and Star Solderable Accents, rather than a literal hit!

This last ring, pictured below, is a combination of a couple great techniques. The flower is inspired by our online FREE: Folded Flower Pendant class, and the leaf is just two of our Brass Scalloped Bib blanks, embellished with the Dimple Plier and riveted together. Instead of attaching all the blanks together with a Hex Nut, we used the same Rivetable Ring that we used earlier in the post to create this unique look.

Making a ring is fun project that you can complete in a short period of time. My favorite thing about making jewelry is that you not only have fun and feel a great sense of accomplishment, but you get a fabulous accessory to show off when you are finished!

And, while we've got rings on the brain, we want to give you a sneak peek to a new FREE online class we have launching very soon. It involves making rings with nail head rivets and it is a great way to show off your creativity. Check out our Online Classes for great tutorials on all sorts of jewelry making techniques, and keep an eye out for when this great class makes it debut!

Pop on over to our DIY Designs if you need any inspiration, along with links to FREE online classes and more. We hope you have fun testing out your new skills!


Karin Ethan said...

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Unknown said...

The ring is so cute!

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Unknown said...

How do I order one of those star knuckle dusters

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

To the "Unknown" commenter who asked about the knuckle duster: we do not sell finished jewelry. We offer all of the tools and supplies you need to make your own! :) For this project, you'll need 2 of our Rivetable Rings, one or several star design stamps to embellish your flat wire or bracelet blank (cut and filed to the length of your choosing), mini star solderable accents, and nailhead rivets to make the cold connections. We have free videos that will teach you how to stamp and rivet! Please email for more detailed information.