April 18, 2013

Why Choose Beaducation Originals?

Many people ask us “What is the difference between the Beaducation Original Letter Set and Design Stamps and the Economy Stamps?” Now is the perfect time to explain the differences in detail because ALL Beaducation Originals are 25% off this week! Blanks, too!

Made in the United States – We are happy to support manufacturing in the United States to create the highest quality stamps currently in production.

Nickel Plated – Our stamps have been plated so they don’t rust. Smart, huh?

Engraved – The designs and letters are engraved into the end of the stamp instead of being pressed, which makes it very sharp. The benefit is that it's easier to make a good impression with less force. Also, the orientation of the design or letter is always in the proper position so your words and designs line up properly. Each letter stamp also has an orientation mark which helps you stamp the letter in the correct direction every time. No more sideways “E”! Click on the Product Video to see just how easy they are to use.

Designs – Our Beaducation Original Design Stamps are developed by the creative team here at Beaducation. We take your suggestions and draw the most popular ideas into the cute, whimsical, and elegant designs you see on our site. We have a partnership with our manufacturer that makes these designs exclusive to us -- you won't find them anywhere else!

Storage – Each Beaducation Original Letter Set comes with a wooden case that creates a home for each individual stamp. Because each stamp has it’s own spot, you can locate which one you need quickly and easily.

The first Beaducation Originals letter set was the Kismet Lowercase 3.2mm it was designed by the our very talented founder, Lisa Niven Kelly. She hand-drew every letter and number until they were just right. This set launched in November 2008 and sold out in a day. The success of this first set encouraged Lisa to continue to design unique fonts and designs to expand the Beaducation Originals line.

All that said, Beaducation stands behind everything we sell. If we wouldn't use it, we wouldn't expect you to. That's why we offer the Economy Letter Sets. They are so affordable and have a wide variety of fonts and sizes to choose from. They are perfect for someone who is getting started and wants to have a few sets on hand. When it comes to precision, they are not always going to be dependable the way Beaducation Originals will.

If you've been thinking about upgrading your stamps to include Beaducation Originals, now is your chance. With 25% savings on all Beaducation Originals, you'll be glad you did!


somethingunique said...

I have several originals...and many reg sets too....no comparison..... So much easier to stamp with...look so much better too .....wish I could take advantage of the sale....but car repairs...auggg suck...lol

Cindy said...

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