April 25, 2013

FREE CLASS: Etching Base Metals

Etching is a very popular technique right now and we want to show you how easy it is to make your own etched jewelry -- for FREE!

Our very own Aisha Formanski teaches this 15 minute class and will demonstrate the four steps you'll complete. The hardest thing about this class is choosing what to etch! Aisha will show you to hand-draw your design or use rubber stamps.

Note that this class is ETCHING BASE METALS. That means we'll be using Ferric Chloride (you can find this at RadioShack or Dick Blick) to etch Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver, and Single Clad blanks. It will not work on Sterling Silver.

The etching solution will eat away at the metal that is not covered by permanent marker or ink, otherwise known as Resist. Aisha will show you how to prepare your materials, add the resist, and safely etch your designs into the blanks.

Have you tried this technique yet? What did you think?


KayzKreationz said...

Thanks. I've been wanting to learn how to etch so this will be great. Just wish I could learn how to do it without the chemicals. But this is great.

Angara Jewelry said...

I'm a little scared of using chemicals but will love to try this technique to create some customized jewelry like the earrings and pendants shown here!!

Unknown said...
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