April 11, 2013

Design Challenge : Wedding Edition

Here at Beaducation we have been flexing our creative muscles for an exciting project -- a one-month Design Idea Wedding Challenge. Each member of our Design Team had to pick a wedding accessory and design it with a special focus on our Products and Classes. We love showing off the many exciting ways our products can be transformed into a new pair of favorite earrings, a show-stopping necklace, or even into what could someday be a family heirloom!
  Crystal Branch Tiara by Taryn McCabe                                 Crystal Flower Hair Comb by Danelle Street

We thought it would be even more captivating to get everyone at Beaducation involved, so each designer was assigned a muse. Six designers, six models -- perfect! For our culminating presentation, we had the models walk the pieces down our runway to show off the final results (in wedding gowns and fancy "bridesmaid" dresses, no less)! Everyone got to vote on her favorite design and a winner was chosen.
Top Left: Riveted Lotus Blossom Earrings by Jennifer Parzych
Top Right: Bridal Bougainvillea Necklack by Mel McCabe
Bottom Left: Ornate Shawl Pin by Aisha Formanski
Bottom Right: Fleur de Link Necklace by Lisa Niven Kelly
The challenge was a huge success.  It was very inspiring to see all the innovative designs on our lovely models, and even more exciting to see how some of our New Product can be used in various ways.
Crystal Leaf Flower Studs and Hair Comb by Danelle Street           
The winning design came from talented designer and Inventory Lead Danelle Street for her Crystal Leaf Flower Hair Comb and Matching Studs (pictured above). 

Mixed Media Flower Sash by Jennifer Parzych

We will be adding our new designs to our Wedding Category on our Design Ideas page starting next week. Click over there now to see current Mother's Day designs and more! Be sure to check back with our Wedding Category in the upcoming weeks to see how to make the beautiful pieces we have featured here.  

We challenge YOU to come up with new ways to use our products. Chances are you will be very pleased and proud of your results. If you are completely smitten with any of your designs, let us know! We would be happy to post projects from our customers who are enthusiastic to share their creative endeavors with us.  


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