March 4, 2013

Riveting Design Ideas, featuring Riveted Wings

March is Craft Month and we are featuring our favorite products and techniques this month, starting with riveting. If you are new to riveting, now is a great time to see some examples of how versatile it is and build the confidence to try it on your own.

To do that, let's take a look at some of our Design Ideas that incorporate riveting. We have 24 inspiring projects that show the wide range of uses for these little embellishments. We offer Round and Nail Head Rivets in every metal, as well as colorful Snap Rivets and Decorative Rivets. Tubular Rivets work with our Riveting System. So many options!

One of our favorite Design Ideas is Riveted Wings. We made this bib necklace more ornate by incorporating Engraving and Stamping as well as riveting the Copper Heart Blank to the Silver Filled Wing Blanks. This just goes to show all of the options you have to personalize your jewelry. Watch our FREE class Winged Heart Pendant and learn how to make this beautiful necklace in just 17 minutes.

Your jewelry will really "take flight" once you give riveting a try!

And don't forget! We have 14 of our most popular riveting tools and supplies on sale for 20% off!

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