March 18, 2013

Lovely Leather

Welcome to Week 3 of National Craft Month! This week we are showcasing our lovely Leather! Our selection of leather has been growing and the Beaducation Team has been getting craftier in our pursuits to find new ways to play up leather. Beaducation now offers Leather Cord, Finished Leather Necklaces, Leather Blanks and an array of Leather Bracelets.
To the right you can see our Red Leather Adjustable 1 1/2 bracelet. We think this is a great way to combine Leather Cord with Leather Cuffs. Who doesn't like a pop of color in her wardrobe? See everything you need to make  this piece on its Design Ideas page. Check out the other Leather Design Ideas while you're at it!

The timelessness of leather is what makes it such a popular accessory in jewelry. Every year leather makes its way into the magazines pages again and again, which makes it worth investing in. The best part is that the investment is not very much out of your pocket!

To the left you see our Leather Cord connected to our Sterling Swivel Hook Clasps. We've stamped on these Sterling and Silver Filled hearts and added them to the leather with a couple Jump Rings. This is so simple, and yet it looks pretty and playful too.

Lastly, leather goes with everything for any occasion. Celebrities wear leather bracelets for fancy occasions and for kicking it around town because they always look fantastic!

To the right is one of our Black Wrap Around Leather Bracelets that we have embellished with our Crystal Snap Rivets and Decorative Rivets. You can see how to make it in our Design Ideas. It is reversible, too! If we haven't sold you on leather by now, then I'm not sure what will...

Be sure to enter our Leather Giveaway and see if you will be the lucky winner announced Thursday at 10am Pacific Time. You don't want to miss out on the smell, the supple feel and the fabulous look of LEATHER!


McKenzie C. said...

I absolutly love the engraving idea. There are so many different things you can do with it. You can make any simple black piece of leather into a work of art to wear on your wrist. I have a leather bracelet at home and I would have never thought I could do this to it. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can start doing some leather work along with my metal stamping work.

TK Sommers said...

I absolutely love the Leather Wrap Around Bracelets! They look very cool and fun to make :-)

Stamped Jewellery said...

its really wonderful leather. i loved it very much. keep it up man. i will buy this for sure.

Diamond Jewelry Rye said...

Seems to be a great leather bracelet...Like it!!