January 24, 2013

Chain Gang!

Did you hear the news? We launched Enameled Ball Chain last week. This colorful chain is amazing because it is only $2.25 for 30" of chain -- and it includes the clasp!

We put one of these Enamel Ball Chain necklaces on one of our most allergy-sensitive employees and she was able to wear it day and night with no reaction. Woo hoo!

Think of how fun it will be to swap out your sterling or copper chain for a pop of color that matches your shoes! Combine several chains to create a rainbow necklace, or wrap them around your wrist for a layered bracelet. At only $2.25, buy one in each color!


Anonymous said...

I really like the Sterling Silver Spiral Flower Large Bail/Holder. It is such a beautiful way to complement some of my pieces.

Jennie said...

Anything beautiful and easy! Pinch clasps for leather cord.